Nisqually, 08-11-01
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Nisqually Glacier "Crevassing"

August 11, 2001

Five of us headed out onto the Nisqually Glacier for a day of crevassing. I thought I'd get my fix of ice climbing for a few months, but it seems that all I did is whet my appetite.

The weekend was a sort of a launch party/celebration. Saturday was crevassing and Sunday was a climb of the South Face of the Tooth.

Attending the Saturday festivities were Chris, Jeff, James (who flew out from Arkansas!), Loren, and Brett. After a two hour hike we had enough time and energy to set up seven top-ropes, from AI3 to AI5+.

Jeff, James, Brett, and Chris in the Paradise parking lot.

Brett, Jeff, and James  cross loose talus and scree while descending onto the Nisqually Glacier.

James raps into the first crevasse.

Chris works a stem while working through an overhanging section.

Me belaying Jeff.

Me and the shadow people.

The upper Nisqually Glacier.

We followed the Moraine trail out, avoiding most of the loose scree and elevation gain. After a couple beers at the car we drove to South Hill and watched the Mariners win while we ate dinner.


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